Six Super Tips for maximum motivation – It is not that difficult

Do you constantly find yourself not able to perform the important tasks in your work because you lack motivation?

Working on your own as an entrepreneur is a dream many people wish to follow and it is the right decision to take for anyone looking to have financial freedom and also the free time to do what they want without having a boss.

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Having said this, not all who start this endeavor end it well. Many people begin with enthusiasm only to throw in the towel after just a short time.

Although there are many reasons people fail at doing what they set themselves to do, in this article, I am going to talk about motivation.

Are you ready to learn how to find abundant motivation?

Have a real motivation to start what you are doing

You don’t have to engage in a business if you don’t have any passion about it nor do you engage in a business if you know nothing about it.

But it is proven, that even if you don’t have any expertise about a business, having enough passion will drive you to learn more about it to reach a reasonably expert level.

If you are someone who likes football, a football related site will be better for you than an engineering site especially if you have never studied and you don’t enjoy talking about it.

This might seem not a big issue but if you choose an unfamiliar topic, you will realize that updating it will be difficult for you in the long run

Remind yourself of the importance of your work.

Sometimes even after engaging in what you love doing, you still find yourself in a state where you lack the motivation to work, for various reasons.

When you find yourself in this situation, it is important to just remind yourself of the impact you can make on other people

Do you have a family? Are you the breadwinner? If your work fails what’s next?

It can even be that you cannot allow yourself to fail because doing so will impact negatively on your life and that of someone.

As the breadwinner of your family, you know that you have to work even if it is the most difficult work because you will not want your family to go hungry or lose a place they call home.

Surround yourself with success

If you want to succeed, you have to setup your environment for success.

Doing so can be in the form of having motivational quotes near your workspace that you can just take a look once in a while. Even though this may seem less effective, there are suggestions from great bloggers that it works.

Another form of surrounding yourself with success is to link up with already successful people in your niche or at least like minded people who you know can serve as an excellent inspiration for you when the going gets tough.

Don’t surround yourself with people who don’t believe in what you do or worst still, people who always try to discourage you.

You can surround yourself with success if you know what you are doing. By this I mean you should always try to learn new things in your business. Don’t be stagnant.

Always check to upgrade your “can have” in knowledge. Doing what you love and knowing how to do it well in itself is a great motivational factor.

Help a customer

As a business owner, your motivation is not just about money. Sometimes the smiles, the thanks and  the positive comments about you when people who have come to you for help and were satisfied is just a feeling that will motivate you to carry one with your work.

Gratitude is a human feeling that money cannot buy. So if you want to motivate yourself, you should also try as much as possible to help your others (customers).

If you have a to-do list, try to cross out as many items as possible.

We are afraid of failure. We start our day or week with written goals that we hope to achieve but not always are we able to complete our to-do list and with time this list grows and the fact that we are faced with a huge list of uncompleted work makes us feel as if we have failed.

So take your time and complete your list as much as possible and focus on the bigger projects that will directly bring you returns in your business.

In the end, even if your list is not completed, the results brought to your business will be compensated

Also, try to redefine items that are on your list. Some of them may not even be helping your business even if you are able to complete them, in this case, you can cancel them out.

There is no need to be doing something over and over if it does not help your business in any way.

Take a break

Sometimes the work you are doing is just not adding up. It could be that you are overwhelmed by the magnitude of work or some thoughts keep coming up that keeps distracting you.

You can greatly help yourself if you take some minutes off to cool down. Remember the popular saying “all work and no play?”

Never force yourself to work through tiredness or stress. You can just go out for a 10-minute walk a jog or just go to the store.

There a many ways you can take a break the most important thing is to temporarily disconnect yourself from what you are currently doing so that when you come back to it late, you will be sufficiently refreshed enough to perform better.


Remember to take your motivation seriously because you will be one of the thousands of people who start a business or project only to drop it almost as soon as they started.

Remember even though there are several ingredients that help you grow as a person and as a business owner, motivation is the one that keeps you going even when you find yourself faced with total failure.

If you are able to train yourself to be motivated, know that you can achieve anything that you set yourself to do.


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