Expect More From Yourself And Less From Others

The human nature is an amazing one and a school in its entirety; if only we pay close attention to. Whatever man needs to develop and be a master of, has been embedded in us – if only we can tap and exploit it.

Pezibear / Pixabay

It’s however sad that the misery, downturn and bankruptcy in almost every aspect of our lives has been the misapplication of the perception of expectation. Thus, we expect people to know and do what we are supposed to do for ourselves.

We have in our DNA the expectation syndrome which ranges from the individual to the family, the society to the nation and even our nation to the world; we all expect our transformation to come from a different source and not ourselves.

Our social life has become a moral mockery; for the individual expects change to embrace him like evolution without initiating the cause. The illiterate and the educated both waiting for manna from heaven.

For instance, the number of unemployed graduates is sky rocketing because we have been made to expect jobs (from especially government) after graduating. In believing so, we sit, hoping and praying but it never happen. Similarly, we litter our compounds and environs and expect others (especially government) to clean it up.

Another example is that of developing nations. They expect grants and loans from developed nations in order to transform their nations. And so rare does these grants and loans come on a condition that favors these countries but rather keep sinking their economies into the pool of dependency.

marcisim / Pixabay

Some of our expectations are valid on the individual level – because in life we can’t really do it all. But we need to be wary of how this can lock us up in a cage of dependency. We need to start expecting more from ourselves first before we expect from others. At the end of the day, everyone is really just looking out for themselves so chances are, our expectations would not be met.

In conclusion, expectation is a great tool only when applied to your own person by tasking yourself to do that which you have set for yourself to do but not that which you expect from another person, the family or the society.

Have you been expecting from others? Are you able to meet your goals by expecting from others? Please comment below.

Writing credit: Hamza Hajj Ayub, Shafic Osman & Lukumanu Iddrisu