Why Chastity is Still Important Before Marriage

ObeyGravity / Pixabay

We live in an era of hyper sexuality; an era where one is regarded archaic, ‘too religious’ or claiming perfection when talking about chastity. Being chaste is no longer considered an honor and significant because our society has normalized sexuality in every way possible including media, the arts, and the adoption (so called) popular cultures.


A lot of relationships these days are broken at the courtship or dating stage due to the practice of chastity by one of the partners involved.

This is because the current millennials have placed more importance on sexual pleasure when it comes to relationship.

On an important note, one do not have to be religious to practice sexual chastity. I believe that aside religion, the overwhelming number of diverse cultures in the world (especially that of Africa) encourages sexual purity before marriage.

Nonetheless, there are lessons we can learn through practicing sexual chastity before marriage and in this article, I would try my possible best to digest the essence of this practice in a general perspective.

Trust is the first lesson to be learnt in an instance where both partners practice chastity whilst in courtship. This gives the certainty that although they each have sexual desires, they can control them.

Hélène opined that the physical desires partners naturally feel for each other whilst observing sexual abstinence at the stage of courtship creates a certain level of stress. This is an opportunity to see how both react under stress. Thus, tests in the courtship phase will give one an insight into your partner’s character—and into married life.

Furthermore, chastity lead partners into more than just a physical relationship but a communicative, spiritual relationship from the start.

Hélène exemplified that when she was courting with her (now) husband, their conversation became so open and honest that they would even say out loud that they are feeling sexually frustrated; yet they grew very close through this open communication. This actually enhanced their physical and spiritual desire for each other.

Another lesson to learn in this situation is the feeling of respect for each other. Because some days one partner feels more willing to break the rule, but the other can be steadfast, helping the other one out. As partners help each other out to accomplish such goal, it is highly likely that when they are married they can guide and guard each other towards fulfilling promises and achieving desired goals.

Do you still consider chastity important? Have you learnt anything from this article? Are you willing to practice it before marriage? Feel free to comment below.