Are you giving up already? These 2 Qualities will help.

You might have tried more than once and haven’t achieved what you want and you get to the extent of giving up. Remember! Before something becomes good or excellent then it has gone through several challenges or tests. Everything in life rated with such qualities go through some amounts of tests.

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Life is a gift. A gift not based on merit but by the absolute Grace of God. Your life is different from another person and same applies to its journey. Just like the way we were not born at the same time. It’s possible that your mates occupy high offices now or are in higher ranks whilst you still remain tussling, or most of your mates are progressing whilst you look retrogressed. Whatever your situation is, don’t curse yourself. It doesn’t mean they are better than you are. Just consider these 2 advice.
Focus on yourself: Being alive is enough. As far as there is life, everything is possible. Moreover since you are alive, there is hope. Discover your strengths and focus on them. Try as much to improve on your weakness as well. Just think about how you can climb the ladder yourself. Have a clean heart and don’t have a “negative jealosy” upon those ahead of you or pay heed to those who might mock you. All these are distractions and will definitely waste your time to progress in life. Keep the hard work and never relent. Surely surely you’ll get there.
Your time is different from others: Despite starting before or the same time with people who are ahead does not make you a failure. Being desperate to equalize or go ahead might lead you to make wrong decisions. Everybody has his (own) time. Today is someone’s and tomorrow could be yours. That someone was also working very hard to get there and today has manifested it. Your hard work is not in vain. Perhaps it needs little time to lead you to success. Always have it in mind that the minute you want to quit might be the same time your success will blossom. Therefore with patience, your diligence will pay dividends tomorrow just like someone’s success today.

At times we just need to change one or twos for the goal to be scored. That’s why we will have to learn from others who have succeeded. Therefore, as things doesn’t work out, lessons are learnt and these lessons are part of every successful person. The success is coming and “even if it’s considered late, it will be great”. For success that comes after enough patience lasts long and worth the wait.
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  1. Hello Ali Hawa,
    Thanks for your comment. Very honored to hear you are touched. Words of encouragement helps to keep us going. Never relent and keep the hard work.

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